How to apply

I want to attend the Maple Program. Can I apply without going through an institution?

No, you cannot apply without going through an institution. Please consult with one of your advisors or an exchange student coordinator of the international affairs office at your home university. (For more details, please refer to Application Procedure.)

What are the requirements to attend the Maple Program?

You need to be put forward by your university as a high-achieving student. In principle, you must be in your third year or higher of an undergraduate program and must have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to or higher than Level N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). (For more details, please refer to Call for Applications.)

What kind of students is the Maple Program targeted at?

The Maple Program is an exchange program to study Japanese language and culture, so it is targeted at students who want to learn more about Japan and its language. The compulsory Directed Research and Reading (MDR) mainly consists of group activities, so this program is especially recommended for students who want to train their cooperative skills.

About the costs

How much is the tuition fee?

Tuition is waived for students whose home university/institution and Osaka University have entered into a mutual agreement under which tuition is waived.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Students from a university/institution with which Osaka University has concluded a mutual student exchange agreement that attend the Maple Program are eligible to apply for the JASSO scholarship. However, please note that the number of students that receive the scholarship differs every year. (For more details, please refer to Call for Applications.)

About your daily life as an exchange student

[About the campus]

Which of Osaka University's campuses will we be studying at?

Maple Program students study and live at Minoh Campus.

[About transportation and shopping]

What’s the closest station to the campus?

The closest station to the campus is Minoh-semba Handai-mae Station on the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway.

What kind of shops are there in the university’s vicinity?

Can we buy daily essentials on campus?

There is a university co-op store where students can buy books and stationary, and make travel reservations.

[About the dormitory]

Is there a dormitory?

At the Minoh campus, there is a dormitory next to the building where the classes are held.

Is the dormitory furnished?

The dormitory rooms at the Minoh campus are furnished with an air conditioner, a desk, a chair, a bed, and an induction cooktop. Curtains and bedding are also provided.

How much does a dormitory room cost a month?

A dormitory room at the Minoh campus costs 46,490 yen per month. WiFi is included.

Will we be living together with Japanese students in the dormitory?

Yes, both Japanese students and exchange students live in the dormitory at the Minoh campus.

[About meals]

Where do students usually eat their meals? What is served at the cafeteria and how much do the meals cost?

There is a cafeteria at the campus. You can generally have a meal for under 500–⁠600 yen. There is also a store called "Heartful" next to the cafeteria where you can eat cakes and donuts for 150–⁠300 yen. In addition, there is a café called "Pineapple" inside the library, which serves coffee, juice, sandwiches, hamburgers, and more. Drinks range from 350 yen to 800 yen, and food from 600 yen to 1,400 yen (as of May 2021).


Who can I contact when I have problems with my studies or daily life in Japan?

You can always consult university professors or the office staff. You can apply for a tutor, who will assist you with your studies and daily life. Furthermore, each class has an appointed advisor, who can give you advice on your studies and daily life.

What should I do when I get sick in Japan?

There’s a health and counseling center on campus, and in some cases, you can consult a counselor.