around the Campus

Our campus is located in an area called Semba in Minoh City. Semba Higashi, where the campus is located, is an urbanized town, with many convenience stores, electronics stores, and several supermarkets, making it a very convenient place for students to live. There is an area called Semba Nishi across the busy road, which is a quiet residential area. There are parks and tree-lined roads, and many people go for a walk here during the day.

Semba is a fierce battleground for cafes popular among connoisseurs. There are many trendy cafes that serve their signature coffee and delicious sweets. Why not visit a cafe after class or on weekends? You might just stumble upon your new favorite place!

There is also a big shopping mall near the campus (in the area called Nishijuku, next to Semba). Here you can go shopping for groceries, fashion items, daily goods and interior items. There is a movie theater and plenty of places where you can have tea or have a bite to eat. Finally, there’s also a resting spot by the river, so you can come here to spend time with friends or just relax and unwind.

Our campus is located in an office area, but from our windows you can see the nearby mountains and feel close to nature. If you go outside and walk a little, there is some lush greenery nearby. You will find it’s a great place to take a stroll. We hope you will all enjoy your student life in Semba!