Minoh City Climate and Natural Features

The Minoh Campus of Osaka University is located in Minoh City, north of the center of Osaka Prefecture, in the area called Hokusetsu. The average annual temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. However, in July and August, the hottest months of the year, it can be as hot as 40 degrees. In January and February, the coldest months, temperatures can drop below zero, and at times it even snows.

Nature is abundant in Minoh City and you can appreciate the seasonal changes of the scenery. A rural landscape stretches out in the south of the city, and the north is mostly an extensive mountain area. In Minoh City you can feel close to Japanese nature while still being near an urban area. Furthermore, many people visit Minoh Park (Meiji no Mori Minoh Quasi-National Park) throughout the year to enjoy the change of the seasons. Minoh Park has exceptionally clean river water, and is home to the Japanese giant salamander and fireflies.

In this way, life in Minoh City is different from the bustling center of Osaka. Studying during the week, surrounded by the calmness of nature, and going out to the bustling city on the weekend: that might be just the thing for you.